2D Design

2D design includes 2-dimentional images used for engineering projects, animation, video games, construction and architecture. 2D design is mainly used for 2 dimensions – the length and the width. 2D Design provides animation services for e-learning, product demos, presentations, websites, banners, and also for PowerPoint Animation and adobe-flash animation. 2D professionals use combination of drawing skills & CAD technology which helps designers to create and visualize their concepts.

Intellitech Technologies Pvt. Ltd. provides 2D animation services at most cost effective prices; we are enriched with strong talent pool in 2D designing resulting in world class output.

 Process of 2D Design:

In the 2D creation process, we first create a skeleton and upon which the object is built on using bitmap or 2D vector graphics and then we skin, morph, tween, rotoscope and indeed do a lot except throwing it away to arrive at a stunning 2D output.

Excellent audio-visual coordination helps to give a finish that vibes very well with your target viewer's emotions. Towards this aim, we weave out strategic planning, creativity, pre-production & post production stages and finally go for release and support.

All combined together as an audio visual bundle will put the brand in a space where it will be notified to the maximum extent possible, our work reinforces Audio visual communication spectrums from TV Commercials to Radio Jingles and Corporate videos to Documentary films.

World class project management skills are practiced in turning the assignment a great success for the purpose, our support system comprises of latest facilities in digital edit technologies, recording, mixing and bundling it as a package. Thus ensuring the campaign on target.

 Features of 2D Design:

 Geometrical shape includes circles, arcs, lines, tangents, normals, etc.

 Extensive drawing aids, user-defined grids and attachment of snap.

 Provides comprehensive text facilities

 Single line fonts and an in-built font editor/designer.

 Bitmap to vector conversion.

 Clip path tools, for creating professional high end graphic images.

 Comprehensive graduated, texture and pattern fill routines.

 Comprehensive transformation tools including move, mirror, size, array and distort.

 Automatic or manual dimensioning. Work to pre-set or user-defined scales.

 Powerful editing and deleting features, unlimited user-named drawing layers. Cut and paste to and from many other packages, including Word.

 Import / Export BMP, DXF, EMF, HPGL, TIFF, JPEG, PNG, WMF formats.

 Services of 2D Design:

 Character Animations in 2D

 Corporate and general Flash Presentations

 Short Video

 2D Products Presentation

 Promotional presentations

 Interactive Presentations

 Digital Illustration

 Architectural Visualization

 Architectural Modelling and Rendering

 Interior Rendering

 Industrial Modelling and Rendering

 Benefits of 2D Design:



 Cost effectiveness

 Artistic freedom

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