3D Design

When mathematical representation of a three-dimensional surface of an object developed through specific software, then that process is called 3D modelling in 3D Design. And that product known as 3D model. 3D Design used for creating 3D images for interactive games, animated movies and websites which assume to real world.

Intellitech Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has a professional team of 3D developers specialized in a variety of 3D services. We provide 3D animation services with high quality 3D graphics, 3D interactive technologies, for 3D models creation, movies, games, logos, text animation, product demos, television programs, presentations, architectural visualization, interactive animation based on 3D flash, and many more. The advanced technologies of modelling, animation, and 3D world texturing that we use make us one of the most professional 3D design teams. Intellitech Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has been very successful at integrating 3D technologies in web design, creating video clips and intros, and developing realistic simulations of physical processes, car configurations, animation of fluids, particles, and many more.

3D technologies are becoming increasingly popular today, and this trend is sure to continue for many years to come. Recent innovations in filmmaking and IT industries favour the popularity of 3D in the web space as well.

 Services of 3D Design:

 3D Character Animation

 3D Modelling

 3D Walkthrough

 3D Industrial Design

 3D Simulated Models

 3D Presentation

 3D Short Animated Films

 Special Effect

 3D Architectural Walkthrough

 3D Virtual Reality Rendering

 Benefits of 3D Design:

 Faster design

 More effective internal design reviews

 More Realistic

 Precision and control

 Scenario visualization

 Reduced lead times

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