Email Marketing

Marketing a profit oriented message to a group of people through email is refers to Email Marketing. In detail we say, every email which sent to customers on their email is considered to email marketing. Email marketing uses email to send different ads, sales & donations, business request, and through this you builds trust, loyalty and brand awareness.

Normally we can say, the process in which email messages sends with the purpose to enhance the relationship of merchant with its customers, to increase customer loyalty, achieving new customers or convincing customers to purchase or deal with them immediately. And even attaching advertisements to email messages sent by companies to their customers.

Email marketing is a form of direct marketing which uses electronic mail as a means of communicating commercial or fund-raising messages to an audience.

 Features of Email Marketing:

 Unlimited Groups, Unlimited Segments, Unlimited Precision

 Smart Message Delivery

 Professional Email Sending Process

 Advanced & Powerful Marketing Automation and Segmentation

 Dynamic Content

 Custom Landing Pages & Sign-Up Forms

 Email Analyser

 Unlimited Image Hosting

 Video in Email

 Embed Anything Widget

 Design Gorgeous Emails

 Deliver Personalized Email content to every customer

 Test and measure the success of your campaigns

 High Delivery Rate & Security

 Database Growth

 Services of Email Marketing:

 Campaign Reviews

 Email Design

 Managed Sends

 Data Health Checks



 Benefits of Email Marketing:

 Reduce Overhead Costs

 Reduced Time & Effort

 Easy to create & track

 Easy to share globally

 Easy to use

 More Frequent Communications

 Information Spreading

 Save the Planet with Email Marketing

 Maximizing Your Marketing

 Increases Customer Loyalty And Profitability

 Increases Brand Awareness & sales

 Driving More Sales Conversions

 Social Media Integration

 Use emails to establish your authority

 Establish and nurture relationships through email

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