Pay Per Click

PPC stands for "pay-per-click" and it is also called "cost-per-click", it is an internet advertising model for directing traffic to websites and for this when ad clicked advertisers pay publishers. Pay Per Click is a way of using search engine for advertisement to generate clicks for your website.

Whenever you search anything from google then you often see at the top of google's search result page, a result marked with a yellow label it's a sponsored ads and that is pay-per-click advertise.

Now question is how it works? So listen, every time visitors click your ad then that visitor sends to your website, and you pay a small fee to search engine. And for this reason it is called "Pay Per Click."

When your Pay Per Click operation well developed & run smoothly, then you can easily pay fee for it.

 Features of Pay Per Click:

 Targeted Advertising

 Instant Rankings

 Dynamic Ads

 Quality Score

 Keyword Research & Recommendations

 Monthly or Weekly Reporting

 Weekly or Monthly Maintenance and Management

 Receive Traffic

 Landing Page Design

 Services of Pay Per Click:

 Control - You mention where your ad listings appear.

 Distribution - Your ad will be place on Google, AOL, Yahoo!, MSN, Bing etc.

 ROI - You only pay when a customer clicks on your ad listing.

 Reach - Reach over 95% of all Internet users

 Facebook Marketing

 Google Adwords Campaign Management

 Yahoo Search Marketing

 Microsoft Adcenter

 Benefits of Pay Per Click:

 Measurable Traffic

 Make your life easier

 Smart strategy saves money

 No dependencies on SEO or Google algorithmic changes

 Reach the right audience

 Take advantage of business opportunities

 Brand recognition

 Geo targeting

 Small initial investment

 Set your own budget

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