Payment Gateway Integration

Payment Gateway is an e-commerce application service provider that provides feature to pay online through their credit card, debit card, and online bank payment for e-businesses, bricks & clicks and online retailers etc.

Payment Gateway Integration sounds simple but it has complex working models. Payment Gateway integrates with your site at affordable price.

Payment Gateway facilitates a secure way to transfer information between a payment portal (such as website, mobile phone or tablets) and Frond End Processor. Providing more Payment Gateways to the customers will increase the sales. We ensure safe & secure transaction for you. For online transaction, you need to have online payment systems that handle the overall online process.

 Features of Payment Gateway Integration:

 Online Payment Gateway has the tools that prevent from fraud.

 Online Payment Gateway has the capability of processing electronic checks.

 Online Payment Gateway has the tool that makes an automatic billing which saves your time.

 Online Payment Gateway has the feature to convert any currency to your preferred choice.

 Online Payment Gateway has multiple payment options.

 Online Payment Gateway has efficient customer support team.

 Online Payment Gateway provide secured server.

 Online Payment Gateway is user-friendly & speedy in processing.

 Online Payment Gateway has Online Tracking System.

 Online Payment Gateway reduced geographical barrier.

 Benefits of Payment Gateway Integration:

 Accept Credit Cards.

 Recurring Billing Options.

 Secure Processing.

 Quick processing of transaction.

 Credit card validation in real time.

 Money deposited into your bank account automatically.

 Reports and refunds usually allowed via browser.

 Easily online payment collection.

 Instant information about credit or debit of cash from account.

 Easy Installation.

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