"Hospital Management Software"

"Medicare" - A Hospital Management Software will be a future software which will maintain all hospital record on computers no matter whether it is prescription of doctor or treatment sheet of patient, medicine, employees all data will be maintained in this software.

Our Hospital Management System is custom built to meet the specific requirement of the mid and large size hospitals across the globe.

Fully networked based and will be managed by the latest technology tools. Software will be easy to use and fully graphical interface will be provided to the end user. This software will make your hospital ‘WPP’ that means without paper pen.

Objective: To Provide an integrated Solution for the Hospital, which

  • Helps in Efficient Management of the Hospital.
  • Enhance Patient Care
  • Improve work efficiency
  • Improve Fiscal Control
  • Eliminate the chances of any Pilferage
  • Enable the Growth of the Hospital

This software will be made in the following modules.

Intellitech Technologies has developed a fully functional Hospital Management System ('HMS'), which covers all the requirements of a modern health care institution. 'HMS' is a fully integrated hospital management solution that caters to the clinical, administrative and financial needs of any medium and large size hospitals. Intellitech Technologies provides Hospital Management services to indian market.

Hospital Management System (HMS) is a generic application, which addresses all the major functional areas of hospitals. It would also; help the top management for taking critical decisions and monitor the performance of various departments.

HMS provides the benefits of streamlined operations, enhanced administration control, improved response to patient care, cost control and improved profitability. It generates various MIS and statistical reports which give information on common diseases prevalent in certain areas, the catchments areas of the hospital, Hospital statistics in terms of inpatients, outpatients, diagnostic services, surgeries etc. Gives cost analysis of each department/ward as an individual cost-center.

One area of direct savings to the hospital is its ability to control the inventory of drugs and other items including tracking of slow and fast moving items and effective utilization of resources.

The system provides comprehensive data security to prevent unauthorized user access. The package has been developed on the latest relational database system technology - the Progress RDBMS Version 9 with central database storage and multi-user environment.

Intellitech Technologies believes that every hospital is unique in terms of its requirements and priorities. Hence, flexibility is built into HMS, which allows for easy customization to suit individual hospital's work culture and processes.

OPD Management Module

In this part the outdoor patient record be recorded in which the following activities will took place.

  • Registration of patients
  • Details of the patient.
  • Billing of outdoor patient.
  • Cash receipt
  • Prescription of the patient.
  • Collection report.
  • Medicine given in prescription automatically goes to Medical store.
  • Investigation given in prescription automatically goes to Pathology.

IPD Management Module

The admit patient also has the above-mentioned feature along with this the other feature are mentioned below.

  • Generation of Treatment Sheet.
  • Filling Treatment Sheet on computers with the respective user id.
  • Billing of discharge patient.
  • Billing of admit patient.
  • Facilities taken by patient.

Reception Management Module

This is the module, which assists in maintaining all the records systematically, and provides management information to manage unit efficiently.

One of the most important modules of the entire HMS, which internally interacts with most of the existing modules and fetches data to generate reports. Well integrated with rest of the modules. The data-flow of any services availed by the different department will be automatically passed on to the billing department. No chance of skipping of charges of any service in the final bill. It takes care of the package service (health card/insurance card policy, corporate policy) with predefined billing policy.

  • Patients Registration, Billing & Room accounting
  • Medical History Sheet, Doctor Visit, Operation details
  • Discharge Bill Preparation, Discharge Report,
  • Room/Bed Status, Patients Case History, Gate Pass, Operation Theater Detail,
  • Patients Dues Report, Patients Advance Report, Patients Estimate Preparation
  • Doctor’s Consultation Report, Referring Doctor’s Case Report
  • Daily Cash Collection Report, Daily Expense Report….. And More

Electronic Medical Record (EMR)

EMR is one of the most important modules in a Hospital Management system, as this enables the resultant of the entire package to be functionally displayed to the Administrator. We directly integrate machines with our software to transfer the details and records to build the MIS. Our below mention list of EMR can also be modified as per the requirements of the client.

  • Patient History-Personal, Family, Social, Referrals
  • Electronic Medical records like Vitals, Blood Group, Allergies, Medications, Diagnosis, Procedures, Lab/Radiology/Pathological tests and Results Storage.
  • Customizable templates for Case Paper & Operations Records
  • Patient Education through Images

Pathology Management Module

This module Offers solution for the efficient running of your pathology. We believe “YOUR PATHOLOGY REPORT CARRY THE IMPRESSION OF YOUR PROFESSION.” This module covers :

  • Master Chart, Parameter Settings : Size of Test remarks, category, inference, values can be altered. Test Reports, Pathology Stocks, Collection, Referrals, Billing and more…
  • Patient Registration: Details of patient with tests to be performed, advance receipt etc. Patient Report Entry : Data value entry & remarks for tests performed. Patient Test Report Printing either particular test or group wise. Pending Report : Outstanding report can be printed, Doctor wise referrals : Summary and detailed report for doctor wise referral, Other Reports :Test wise detail, Organization wise report, collection boy report

X-Ray / USG / CT Scan Management Module

This module Offers solution for the efficient running of your X-Ray / USG / CT Scan. This Module Covers.- Master Chart, Test Reports, Film Stocks, Collection, Referrals, Billing and more…

Medical Store Management Module

  • Product Master : Details of product, company, prices batch no., expiry date
  • Sale Bill : Sale Bill (Cash / Credit) entry and printing, Purchase Bill : Suppliers bills can be fed. Issue /Receipt (Breakage) : Damage and breakage issue can be managed,
  • Expiry report : Expiry report for medicines for any date can be printed
  • Medicine not sold report : Medicine not sold since last specified date
  • Medical store MIS : Daily summary of the Medical store activity
  • Top Selling medicines : the top N selling medicines
  • Register : Sale / Sale Return / Purchase, Current Stock Batch Wise / Medicine Wise.
  • Daily Cash Collection Report etc.
  • Security lock on every user which any can't misuse billing & inventory.

Nursing & Ward Management Module

Once the patient becomes an IN Patient the nursing and ward management has most important roles to play. In this module we have special provision of operating on all such requirements here under.

  • Nursing Staff Scheduling & Allotment (regular & Emergency)
  • Ward / Room / Bed Maintenance Plan
  • Patient Movement tracking, Patient Stay length Indicator, Consultant Visit, Time table, On Call - Duty Doctors List and Automated Communication facility, doctor transfer.
  • Occupancy Status
  • Visitor details
  • Ward Details
  • Discharge summary
  • Birth Registration
  • Death Registration

Blood Bank Management Module

The blood bank module provides information on the collection and storage of blood, results of blood tests, cross-matching identifications, and transfusion reactions. It also enables the maintenance of donor mailing lists and donation ledgers.

Store Management Module

  • This modules covers Department Wise Indent Entry, Stock Order, Stock Purchase, Stock Issue.
  • Store MIS : Daily summary of the Store activity, Stock Position Department Wise.
  • Reports like purchase register, stock issue register department wise and stock summary day wise, month wise and between two dates.

Account Management Module

  • Voucher Entry & Printing, Cash book, Bank book, Ledger, Journal book , Trial balance Sub trial balance
  • Analysis of debtors, Ageing analysis of creditors
  • Balance sheet, Cash flow & Fund flow, Trading and Profit & Loss, Daily Transaction Summary
  • Outstanding receivable & payable


This is a unique tool in the hands of top management. This module shows a screen where all current activities in terms of revenue are displayed and this screen is refreshed automatically after every 10 seconds. Simply saying, by looking at this screen, top management can find out the collection of various departments in OPD & Indoor, Outstanding of General and panel patients, No. Of admissions, Discharge of the day and so on.

"Special Feature : User Based Security System"

This module handles multi level security of Medicare, so that every admission and transaction can be traced with the help of user ID.

  • System Requirement
  • Processor

    Intel C2D

  • HDD

    Minimum 10 GB Disk Space

  • RAM

    Minimum 1GB

  • OS

    Windows XP or above

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