"Payroll Management Software"

Payroll software developed by intellitech Technologies targets specifically the Indian/Foreign firms because it has captured in it all the Payroll processes that a typical HR/Accounts dept. of a small/medium/large sized company follows. Now no need to buy all stationery of the Government forms. The software has incorporated all the forms which the Government of India has made compulsory for the Indian firms to adopt with respect to their employees.

intellitech Technologies payroll management software significantly provide assistance with the management of your organisation's most vital assets. Leveraging the technology, the Payroll Management Software aims at streamlining and accelerating Payroll Care processes and enabling you to automate a organisation's various aspects by minimizing the workload and maximizing the efficiency of the department. Our customer focused approach helps our clients to fulfill their unique needs and even maximize their full potential.

The person operating the Payroll software need not spend days in the hassles that come bundled with the Payroll process. He can bid farewell to the bulky registers and come out of the gloom that used to surround him during the payroll generation. With all the payroll processes categorized, the Payroll Care Payroll management software gives a very simple interface to the end user.

The payslip is generated after the attendance is marked for that month. ESIC and PF challans are available at the convenience of a mouse click. The payroll software also manages the Company Holidays and the Bank holidays.

The software can be configured by the user side to give restricted access to the front desk operator, and complete access to the main HR authorized person.

There is a hitch for taking this product. The HR/Accounts department will complain of boredom, since now they will be having plenty of free time in hand. But who wouldn’t like to hear such a complaint ???

Payroll Care : The HR Module

The HR module specializes in the human resources operations' administration. Administered completely by the HR panel of the company, it is partly visible to all the employees. With its proper company administration management, hassle-free functionality is facilitated. The capabilities of HR module includes:

Employee Profile

A podium stacking and showcasing complete detailed information about each employee of your company. Also, it takes into account employee's related activities and saves their details.

Attendance management

Easy management of employee’s attendance record facilitating smooth checking and calculation of the attendance statuses for a specific period of time.

Leave Management

This enables efficient computing and maintenance of applicable leave balances. It also helps HR to arrange leave rules for automated rule based work-flows.

Holidays Module

Adapting your company's policies, it allows complete management of each employee's leaves and marks attendance without any required intervention from HR.

Shift Management

The system is devised to maintain accurately attuned shift-working administration.

Time Management

The time management module helps collation and analysis of employee timekeeping information for the intent of organizational cost accounting.

Payroll Management

Assists you to map accounts to employee payroll as well as apply payroll to general ledger accounting. It enables management of earnings and tax credits, and payroll expenses allocation to multiple accounts / departments.

Payroll Care: Administration Module

The Administration module of our Payroll Care is designed to facilitate the efficient and accurate functioning of business management of administration. The module defines pay grades and information that forms the backbone of the system. Also, security issues are taken into consideration by defining user rights.

System settings

Integrating easy and quick installation and maintenance of all the components of the system to execute error-free management. In addition, it also renders thorough completion regarding the components and its functionality including enabling/disabling of system alerts.


We are completely equipped to encounter stringent requirements of exhaustive security system with advanced security mechanisms that include:

  • User Management
  • Access Control
  • Password Management

System Requirements and Software Technology

Built on the Microsoft Technology VB.NET with Access/MS SQL 2000/2005 as its back end database, the HR management software is designed with features of scalability and customization. As per the requirement, various hardware such as smart card machine or Biometric device can easily be integrated to record attendance time.

Competitive Advantages of Payroll Care Solution:

  • Secure and powerful safety mechanisms to prevent crimes such as espionage, abuse or information sabotaging.
  • Customizable to meet business demands in terms of interaction, etc.
  • Dependable data storing and processing, and backup system ensuring no information loss due to hardware failures.
  • Sound integration and processing of your entire business information into a unified system.
  • Simple and instinctual interface will help you clean administration maintenance.

Our Payroll Care is broadly defined with important basic responsibilities of the HR department. Each module can be customized to suit the needs of the customers accordingly. Having a word with our sales representative may enlighten you more on buying the HR management solution.

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