Social Media Optimization

SMO stands for Social Media Optimization. When a number of social media sites, communities or outlets used to increase the awareness of your brand, product, business, group, organization or event etc for publicity then that known to Social media optimization (SMO). The site that used for SMO is that Social News Sites, RSS Feeds, Bookmarking Sites, as well as Social Networking Sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Blogging & Video Sites.

SMO provides a way to connect with people through various online websites, and increase the reach of your brand, product or business and provide a opportunity to people with your business or products.

In simple words we say Social Media Optimization is a way to increase popularity of your website, product or business and connect people with your business.

 Features of Social Media Optimization:

 Brand Building

 Business Building

 Viral marketing

 Photo & Video Sharing

 Managing Social Networks

 Facebook Likes

 Twitter Profile Building

 Google Plus

 Social bookmarking and tagging on various web sites

 Services of Social Media Optimization:

 Developing ideas and manifest them through documents, images and videos, etc.

 Sharing website's blogs with media on various social networking websites.

 Attract unique visitors

 Increase Web traffic

 Increase brand & product awareness

 Provide viral publicity

 Link Building and Content

 Benefits of Social Media Optimization:

 Increase visibility & traffic

 Increase Viral Marketing

 Save advertising cost

 Helpful to making new customers

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