Static Website Design

Intellitech Technologies is a leading Web Design & Development Company; we combine knowledge, experience and talent to develop conceptual and creative visuals in web designing.

What is Static Website?

The website or webpage design or develop in HTML language is known as Static Website. Once a static website or static web page developed can no longer change by user directly, it only change by webmaster or someone familiar with HTML or Flash. Web pages of static website contain fixed content. Static sites are easiest to create code or develop. Static websites does not require any web programming or database design like dynamic websites.

Intellitech Technologies provides cost effective and high quality Website Designing and Development Services to world with latest technology. We provide a creative, conceptual and unique design for your business and organizations. We develop websites that meet and fulfil your business needs and budget.

 Features and Limitations of Static Websites:

 Easily present your information, profile, features, services and product details.

 A Static website or webpage build for that site which does not require continuos updating.

 Static website mainly used for small business website, NGO website, Brochure Website etc.

 Static website or web page contains basic information, profile information, product or services description, facilities information and contact details.

 Once a Static website / web page build, whatever changes required to change then there is need of web programming skill, knowledge of programming language editing software that is Dream weaver, Front Page etc. and image editing software like Photo Shop, Adobe Illustrator etc.

 Services of Static Websites:

 Our professional, conceptual and creative website designers provide stunning design, meaningful content and user friendly websites.

 Design or creates an attractive websites which is easy to navigate.

 We provide unique and professional web page design with quality.

 Benefits of Static Websites:

 Attractive layouts developed in Static website.

 Static Website developed with creative and innovative presentation.

 Easy & quick to design / develop and host.

 Cost of a static website or static web page is less than a dynamic site or dynamic page.

 SEO Friendly & user friendly.

 Static website can be modified easily with normally HTML code.

 Less cost occur on static website compared to dynamic website.

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